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Pham Hai Chung

29/03/2013 16:29

Hai Chung is a Senior Lecturer, specializing in brand management and media studies. She is currently a Doctoral researcher in media and communications at the Media School, Bournemouth University, England where she is a guest lecturer in several courses. She had seven years of work experience in marketing communications for International organizations and local organisations across Southeast Asia. Her research interests include emerging markets, media consumption, brand associations and advertising insights. She particularly employs psychological approaches to read the minds of aspiring consumers and audience.

She has been conducting lectures and research for the Faculty of Public Relations and Advertising at the Academy of Journalism and Communication (AJC) in Hanoi, Vietnam. Prior to her appointment at AJC, she was a lecturer at Vietnam National University. She experienced working in several projects conducted by Kearny Alliance (U.S based) in promoting export companies in Vietnam to create more jobs to alleviate poverty. She worked as a writer for a trade magazine of Global Sources (Hong Kong based) for 3 years. Hai Chung later acted as Communication and Campaign Coordinator for ActionAid Vietnam.
She gained a B.A in English, with minor in Amercian Studies at Vietnam National University, Hanoi. She later had a M.A in International Journalism at HKBU as the Hinrich Foundation scholar. She got several scholarships and grants for further training, including KA Fellowship (2007-2008), Inwent Grant (2010), PGR Grant of Bournemouth University (2012,2013), Santander Grant for visiting researcher at Yale University, the U.S (2013). )




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