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Nguyen Thi Minh Hien

29/03/2013 16:40

Ms Nguyen Thi Minh Hien is a Senior Lecturer of the Faculty of Public Relations and Advertising. She gained the Master Degree in Communication Management from the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia in 2010. She is currently a Ph.D Candidate in media and communication at the Accademy of Journalism and Communication. Her thesis examines the communication management in Governmental Bodies at central levels in Vietnam.




She joined the Faculty in 2006, and teaches Introduction to Advertising, Media Audience, Advertising Audience, Copywriting, Advertising Production, Advertising Research and Assessment and Writing for PR. 
As the researcher in media and communication, she is the co-author of three Public Relations course books for Public Relations undergraduate program and co-author of several local communication research projects. She is also the chief author of university-level advertising research projects.
Furthermore, she is also the interpreter of international co-operation projects between the Academy and other international training organizations.
In addition to the work at the Faculty, Ms Nguyen Thi Minh Hien also works as the Communication Manager for a training project of Vietnam Journalists Association (VJA) and World Association of Newspaper and News Publishers. She also manages editorially and technically the website daotaobaochi.org of the Centre for Media Training, Vietnam Journalists Association. She is also the research assistant and consultant in communication research projects for various local and international organizations, such as WAN-IFRA, Save the Children, iSEE, Wollongong University, UTS etc.
Contact: nguyentminhhien2013@gmail.com or mobile: +84-986770383
2012-2015: Ph.D Candidate in Media and Communication, Academy of Journalism and Communication
2008-2010: Master of Arts in Communication Management, University of Technology, Sydney (as being awarded the Australian Government Scholarship)
2003-2005: Bachelor in Journalism, Academy of Journalism and Communication 
2000-2003: Bachelor in English, National University, Hanoi 
2013: Demand of media training of Vietnamese journalists, Co-author, Media research funded by the Centre for Media Training, VJA.
2012: Advertising Research and Assessment, Chief author, University-level research.
2011: Advertising Theories and Practices, Co-author, Chief Author -Assoc. Prof.PhD. Dinh Thi Thuy Hang, University-level research.
2011: Portrayal of civil society organizations on print and online newspapers in Vietnam, Research Consultant, in partnership with iSEE (Institute for Studies of Society, Economy and Environment), funded by CARE and etc.
2011: Copywriting, Chief author, University-level research.
2011: Creative copywriting, Translated book, Internal publication.
2008: Public Relations-Basic knowledge and the code of ethics, Co-author, Chief Author -Assoc. Prof.PhD. Dinh Thi Thuy Hang.
2007: Public Relations-Theories and Applications, Co-author, Chief Author -Assoc. Prof.PhD. Dinh Thi Thuy Hang.
2006: Portrayal of Environmental Issues in Vietnamese newspapers, Research assistant, UTS. 


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