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Assoc. Prof.,Dr.Dinh Thi Thuy Hang

29/03/2013 16:57

Assoc. Prof.,Dr.Dinh Thi Thuy Hang is currently Dean of Faculty of Public Relations and Advertising of the Academy of Journalism and Communication, Ho Chi Minh national Political Academy in Hanoi, Vietnam. She is also the Director of the Center for Further Training of the Vietnamese Journalists, Vietnam Journalist Asociation (VJTC) with extensive hands-on experience from professional training, including international capacity building projects.

From 2004 up to the present, Dr. Hang Dinh has also worked for a number of international media projects, such as she worked as a media consultant, trainer and Team s leader of Vietnamese trainers in the the Further Training Vietnamese Journalists project funded by SIDA, Ministry of Information and Communication (2004-2010); a media consutant for the Australia Network, the Australia Broadcasting Cooperation,ABC (2004-2008); and Vietnam s director of the Media Project funded by Danida to support 4 local TV and Radio stations in Vietnam (2011-2014).

Before moving into academic career, Dr.Hang Dinh worked for Vietnam National Television (VTV) in News and Current Affairs Department for more than 20 years. She went through broad ranging positions as journalist, editor, presenter, executive producer and news manager. She was awarded the Vietnamese Press Medal 2000, Television Professionalism Medal 1996 and First ASEAN COCI Prize - Trophy - 1997 (by the ASEAN Committee for Culture and Information) for her excellent work.

She received a number of scholarships for undergraduate and post graduate studies, such as Post-graduate Scholarship for International Students, UTS, 1999 - 2002, AusAID Post-graduate scholarship, 1994-96 and Pushkin Fellowship, 1978/1979/1987. She worked as a part-time teacher of media and cultural studies for University of Technology, Sydney, (UTS) during her doctoral studies. She has been a guest lecturer and speaker in a few universities abroad and many international media, journalism conferences.

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